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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Best of 2011

We started the year with a resolution of eating well and eating at home. No compromise on the taste but reduce eating out. I also wanted to expose our little one to our traditional cuisine thousands of miles away from home. To show her that food is not just Pizza and Pasta and that you actually cook food and not just heat stuff taken out of a cardboard box.

Looking back I think we have more than succeeded. It has been a fun journey as well. Some of my greatest hits are listed below.

My Favorite

  1. Ghee Bhat
  2. Mutton Rezala
  3. Mircha Gosht (Mutton with Green Chilies)
  4. Kolkata Mutton Biriyani (Biryani)
  5. Shukto
  6. Kung Pao Lobster
  7. Mutton Stew
  8. Peas or Koraishutir Kochuri

My families favorite

  1. Kolkata Chili Chicken
  2. Nolen Gurer Sandesh With Ricotta Cheese
  3. Labanga Latika (Lavang Latika)
  4. Purir Goja
  5. Chicken Chaap
  6. Ilisher (Hilsa) Patla Jhol
  7. Chicken Roll
  8. Brownie

Most Visited

  1. Apollo Fish
  2. Note Saager Charchari
  3. Mircha Gosht
  4. Eggcellent Toast
  5. Kolkata Mutton Biriyani

Wishing you all Happy and Healthy New Year.

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