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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Mircha Gosht (Mutton with Green Chilies)

I had asked one of my college friends who was particularly known to be a foodie, what she liked to eat the most. She told me it was Mircha Gosht made by her mom. I was i ntrigued because I never even heard about this name. I ensured next time I met her mom, to get the recipe.
When I cooked it for the first time for my mom, she loved it. Then she turned it around and used to make it for me each time I asked her for a homemade treat.
I hope you’d enjoy it as well. It is not necessarily as spicy as it’s name sounds and it needs only one spoon of ghee to make.


  1. 2 lb. mutton (lamb/goat meat)
  2. 1 cup greek plain yogurt or hung curd (Strain plain curd in a muslin cloth for atleast 2 hrs to drain the whey) 
  3. 1 medium onion
  4. 2" ginger
  5. 5,6 cloves of garlic
  6. 16-20 green chilies
  7. 1 tbsp shah jeera (Caraway)
  8. A handful of almond blanched
  9. Salt
  10. Sugar
  11. 1 tbsp of ghee


Dry roast and grind shah jeera. Make a smooth paste of onion, ginger, garlic and half of the green chilies. Unlike most Indians my spice tolerance level is pretty low, so half the chilies I have used are moderately hot and the rest are really hot. You can choose to use only hot chilies.
Marinate the meat pieces with curd, half of the dry roasted shah jeera powder and the paste you have made along with salt and sugar. Let it rest for 4-5 hrs.
Transfer the marinated mutton along with its marinade into a heavy bottom pan or pressure cooker and cook it on medium low heat till the meat is just done. Yes, you are not using any oil in this process. 
If you are not using pressure cooker, cook it for about 45-50 mins on medium low heat.  By this time meat will be done and you will see a lot of water has been released. Add almond paste to it and allow it to cook on high flame and stir intermittently till most of the water evaporates and the meat pieces are well coated with all spices. Remove it from heat.
Heat ghee in a small pan and temper it with roasted shah-jeera powder and slit green chilies. Fry for a while on low heat and pour it over the cooked mutton. Keep it covered to incorporate the flavor of shah jeera and green chilies into the mutton.
You are all set to serve it with pulao or parantha.


Baisakhi said...

I am a regular reader of your blog and I love it.
I want to try out this interesting mircha ghost but have a doubt. Your marinade looks white but there is no mention of curd in the ingredients. Can you please let me know, do I need to use curd in the marinade?

Somtapa Brahmachari said...

Baisakhi, thanks for bringing this to my notice. Yes, you are right. We do need curd for this dish. Somehow I missed it. I have included curd in the ingredients list now.Give it a try and let me know whether you like it or not.

Baisakhi said...

thanku somtapa :) btw u recognise me? Ami baisakhi , abhishek r wife. abhishek abhinava dar sathe ek team e kaj korto age IDC te. tomader sathe 2-1 bar dekha hoyeche amar.
asha kori bhalo acho tomra :)
tomar blog r hodish ami abhinavadar FB account theke pai, tarpor theke regularly pori. emniteo i just love food blogs ,r tomar blog ta khub bhalo. choto choto golpogulo porte khub moja lage

Somtapa Brahmachari said...

Definitely chinte perechi. Kamon acho tomra? Blog ta bhalo lagche jene khub bhalo laglo. Mircha goshth kamon laglo janate bhulo na.

Baisakhi said...

bhalo achi :) mircha gosht banalei janabo :)

Baisakhi said...

oh btw,i cooked begun bashanti taking the recipe from your blog a few weeks back. it didn't look as good as yours :) but nevertheless, it was very tasty and ofcourse very quick. today i plan to prepare it again.