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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Lemon Flavored Yogurt



My daughter was down with fever and whenever she is unwell she becomes a yogurtarian. So I decided to make something yoghurt based but still yummy and health for her. This lemon flavored yoghurt has no color, no chemical additive, 100% healthy and yet a very tasty dessert.

My husband decided to work from home that day and was so happy with the yoghurt that he right-away posted the pictures on Facebook. Generally when I write post it lands at the end of a queue and takes few weeks to appear on my blog. This is an exception as I bumped up the priority based on demand :)


  • 4 cups yogurt OR 3 cups Greek yogurt
  • 1/2 cup fresh lemon juice
  • 1/2 cup sugar ( Increase or decrease the amount depending on your taste)
  • Zest of 2 lime
  • A pinch of saffron
  • Few mint leaves for decoration


  1. To make the thick yogurt place a strainer on a deep bowl and keep yogurt on the strainer. Keep this in an refrigerator overnight to get thick yogurt or chakka. By morning all excess water will be drained out. Make sure to keep in the refrigerator or else the yogurt will become too sour. Transfer the yogurt into a mixing bowl. If you are in hurry you can use Greek yogurt instead of plain one and you can start preparing right away.
  2. In a pan take the lemon juice, sugar, saffron strands and heat it on low flame. Soon the mixture will start getting thick. Once it reaches to a jelly consistency add lemon zest to it and turn off the heat.
  3. Pour half of the lemon mixture you just made in step 2 to the yogurt and mix well. This mixture should be lump free.
  4. To the other half of the lemon mixture add few spoons of water and keep it on stove on the lowest heat. This will keep this mixture in pouring consistency by the time you are ready to garnish.
  5. Take each serving bowl and fill half with lemon flavored yogurt. Pour few spoon of lemon juice mixture (from step 4) over it. Fill the rest with yogurt again and then top it off with another spoon of lemon juice mixture. Garnish with fresh mint leaves.
  6. For those who love mint flavor here is another option. Finely chop few mint leaves and mix it with yogurt along with the lemon juice mixture.
  7. Chill them in refrigerator before you serve,