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Wednesday, October 3, 2012



Life is eventful, sometimes a bit too much so. For my Birthday this year, my husband promised an uneventful, lazy day where the bongcook didn’t have to enter the kitchen. Bus driver’s vacation is the last thing I wanted.

My daughter like any other seven years old, lives from Birthday to Birthday. The whole year goes by in planning of her upcoming Birthday, even if that is 10 months away. She also thinks that everyone like her is equally looking forward to that; even people on the wrong side of thirty. So all week she was jumping like a puppy and dragging her dad to the store to buy “supplies” which consisted of balloons and lots of streamers.

The “uneventful day” started by me being whiskered away for an early morning breakfast at our favorite water front Beach CafĂ©. After some great American breakfast and Italian coffee we were back by noon. Lunch was late and my husband allowed me a ration of just Greek Gyro salad. We were slowly moving across the globe towards home. I was told to not quench my “sparrow’s appetite” and keep room for the dinner.

By evening I was a tad disappointed to know that all that was left of the special day was to dress up and head to yet another restaurant. It was as if the whole birthday was all about eating.

In the evening instead of heading out to the garage we headed out towards our apartment’s clubhouse and pool area. I kind of guessed that maybe we will get into some limo which he was talking about.

Just in front of the club house clubhouse we decided to get some coke from the vending machine. It was kind of dark in there, a bit too dark!

My daughter had already started the usual chant of “Fanta for me, Fanta for me” and then there was a shrill cacophony “Surprise!!!” screamed 30 people. I had entered the trap, it was a surprise party for me and all my friends who had apparently forgotten to wish me from the morning were there.


I was happy, amazed and shocked at the same time, the later emotion kinda won and I stood there frozen. This was the first real birthday bash that I ever had and it was legend……(wait for it)  ……ary.


The clubhouse was decorated with balloons, streamers and flowers. My friends were all there and my husband had somehow managed to order Bong food from a caterer all the way up here in the US. He said there can only be bong-food to celebrate the BongCook’s birthday. No rosogolla no party!


The intricate dance around this party slowly revealed. Apparently the kids were only let into the secret couple of hours before the party as they have phenomenal networking skill and the ability to leak information.

Though the party was organized by my husband, I could see the hands of all my friends on it. From the menu, to the decoration to the invitee list. Everything was just right.

IMG_5527My friends got me amazing bakeware, cookbooks and other related stuff. I realized they know me so well that they got me the exact things which I’d just love to have. Even if I tried, I wouldn’t be able to get anything better for myself. The kids got me flowers, played “Happy Birthday” on Mandolin, everything was just so nice.


IMG_5511-EditThe menu was

  1. Fresh mango cake
  2. Fruits
  3. Phool kopir singara (cauliflower Samosa)
  4. Vegetable biriyani
  5. Paratha
  6. Daal
  7. Malai Kofta
  8. Egg Korma
  9. Chicken Kosa
  10. Rosogolla

In spite of the great food, my daughter was not eating and sitting in a corner with tears in her eyes. On asking she said “I am so happy mama, tears are pouring out”. She was way more happier than me.


At the end of the party a small voice quipped, “where’s the return gift aunty”. A big oops moment for the host who had forgotten about this. But I promise people will get their return gift cooked on/with their gifts very soon.


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