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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Chicken Tikka Wrap


I had made chicken tikka the day before we were flying to Boston to meet up with some friends. Flight food is bad everywhere but the food served on the US flights are pathetic. Travelling to the East coast from the West is upwards of 7 hours of flying and so I decided to make some quick take away food. I wrapped the chicken tikka I made, in tortillas. They turned out to be a great option and I think I’ll be able to pack it for my daughter’s school lunch as well.


  1. 4, 10” flour tortillas
  2. 2tbsp. grated cheese (I used cheddar)
  3. 4 skewers of chicken tikka
  4. 4 leaves of iceberg lettuce
  5. 4tbsp. thick curd or plain Greek yogurt
  6. 4tbsp. green chutney (You can use mayonnaise or ranch dressing instead)
  7. Salt


In a bowl stir together yogurt and green chutney. Season with salt.
Place tortillas on a flat counter and start building up the layers. Spread yogurt mix just enough to cover the surface.Top with lettuce, one skewer of chicken tikka. Don’t forget to take out the skewer from the chicken. Drizzle a spoon of yogurt mixture over it.
Carefully fold one side over and roll it up tightly. Place the wrap on a plate with the seam side underneath and cut into halves.
Your lunch box is all set to go!

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