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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Vegetarian Delights - 2012

5847902046_902b31a1dd_o-EditHere’s a list of the vegetarian dishes I made in 2012 and loved the most. Some of my friends keep telling me that I do not post vegetarian recipes frequently enough, hope this will satisfy them :)

  1. Dhokar dalna
  2. Kalo Aloor Dum
  3. Sabji Diye Maator Dalna
  4. Baingan Bharta
  5. Luchi
  6. White potato Curry Or Alur Charchari
  7. Aloo Posto (Poppy seed with Potato)
  8. Jackfruit Curry
  9. Doi Phulkopi
  10. Radhaballavi
  11. Aloor Dum
  12. Aloo Jinge Aloo Posto (Poppy seed with Ridge Gourd)
  13. Chanar Dalna
  14. Desi Asparagus Curry
  15. Chaal Kopi
  16. Hinger Kachoori
  17. Lau Sukto
  18. Lau Saager Morich Jhol

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