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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Fish Fry


Fish fry is one of our favorite items. A lot of people like it as an evening snack. However we treat ourselves with fish-fry and salads as an early dinner. This works great with our goal of limiting or avoiding carbs at dinner.

When I had just started blogging I posted my recipe for Bengali style fish fry at At that time I used to hunt for Bhetki in US and in absence use other alternatives like Sole, Sear and Salmon. Now I almost always use Cod. It tastes almost as good as Bhetki.


Anonymous said...

I found "bhetki" maachch at Harmons GrocerY sTORES. They sell those with name of "barramundi" fillet. One lbs of the fish costs around $13... But I believe its worth it.

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for sharing your delicious recipes which tremendously adds to my culinary skills as a learner. Would request you to kindly share Bhetki Fish Fry Recipe as the link "" is not opening. Shall be of great help if the same an be emailed to my id
Rajesh Roy