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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Bati Charchari


This is one of the easiest bong food that you can make. Especially good for a cold wintery night and goes best with fresh hot phulkas.

The whole idea of making bati-charchari is to use the freshest vegetables available at the time. The ingredients are pretty flexible, I just used stuff that I had at home and this needs no special spices either. You can add carrot, beans anything you find at the local grocer or tucked away in your refrigerator.


  1. Baby potatoes 5,6
  2. Pearl onions - 4,5 (I used frozen ones you can add fresh onions as well)
  3. Turmeric powder
  4. Tomatoes 2,3 each cut into 4 halves
  5. Peas half cup
  6. Mustard oil
  7. Turmeric powder 1 tsp.
  8. Chili powder 1tbsp.
  9. Green chili 5,6
  10. Salt
  11. Sugar


In a sauce pan take all the vegetables. Add  2-3 tbsp. of mustard oil.

Add turmeric powder, chili powder along with salt  and little sugar.

Now pour about 2 cups of warm water and give it a nice mix. Cover and cook on a medium heat without stirring. Once the water almost dries up. slit open the green chilies and drop them in.

Enjoy with hot phulkas.  


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