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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Hilsha / Ilish Festival at Home

When we went to the “International Food Bazar” in Bellevue I made a sudden discovery. It was a pack of Kochur-lati just on the shelve beside the Hilsa.


My bong soul didn’t even let me think twice. Before we realized we were back in the car with our bags filled with the goodies. The next day we had a Hilsa festival at home. The spread was breath-taking, at least it took my breath away :)


I have posted the recipes already, here goes the links

  1. Hilsha roe fried (come on you don’t need a recipe for that!!)
  2. Kochur lati
  3. Patla Jhol
  4. Bhape


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Spread your thoughts said...

Ma'am I just love your all recipe's that you've posted here.