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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Easy Ras Malai

IMG_9717We got invited to a pot-luck and being a Bengali was entrusted to make the desert. I had a bunch of rasgulla cans which I picked up from the local Indian grocery store. So I kind of cheated and quickly made rasmalai out of them.

Even in the US it’s pretty easy to find cans of Rasgulla or their smaller cousin Rasbhari. Amazon stocks them as well.


  1. 1 can rasgulla / Rosogolla ( I used rasbhari, A smaller version of rasgulla )
  2. 5 cups whole milk
  3. 3/4th cup sugar
  4. 2,3 pods of green cardamom pounded
  5. A handful of chopped pistachio and almonds


Open can of rasgulla and drain off the syrup. Heat them in microwave oven for around 30-40 seconds. Gently squeeze each of them to drain the syrup within.

Boil milk and cardamom pods in a heavy bottom pan so that it doesn't spill over. Add sugar to it. Keep stirring continuously on medium heat to avoid scalding.

Boil till it slightly thickens. Check the sweetness and adjust sugar. Remove the cardamom pods and discard.

Add rasgullas to it and boil for half a minute so that it soaks the milk. Rasgullas will break if you boil them more. Remove from heat and garnish with pistachio and almond.

Chill in refrigerator for atleast 3-4 hrs before serving.

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